Struggling to make budget?

Feel like the doors are going to be closed without outcomes?

Is your nonprofit ready to

engage, motivate and unite

your board members?


Do you need a leader to guide a day of training and growth?

The Rayvan Group plans and facilitates Strategy Days that educate, challenge, inspire and unite Board members. Through pre-retreat surveys, interactive discussions, presentations by program coordinators or beneficiaries, evaluation of current challenges and creation of goals, The Rayvan Group helps Boards prepare for the year ahead.

Is a Strategy Day right for my organization?

There are many different reasons for having a board retreat or strategy day. A strategy day should offer the board and key staff members an opportunity to engage and discuss the most critical issues affecting the nonprofit organization.


Strategy days can focus on:

Strategic planning for the year

• General board training on a specific issue

• A recent change in leadership

• Re-energizing your board members and key staff

• Training in development/fundraising

• Confronting a challenging issue specific to your nonprofit or organization

“However beautiful the strategy, you should
occasionally look at the results.”

Winston Churchill


  • ​A one-hour teleconference to plan the Strategy Day.

  • Up to 3 pre-retreat interviews (30 minutes in length) with board members and staff members. *Additional interviews are available at The Rayvan Group hourly rates.

  • A pre-retreat survey drafted by The Rayvan Group for completion by those attending the strategy day.

  • An agenda for the strategy day drafted based on results of planning teleconference, interviews and survey.

  • 4-5 hours of facilitation for the strategy *Additional hours available at The Rayvan Grouphourly rates.

  • Summary report of the strategy, including action steps.

“In the rapidly changing landscape of the nonprofit sector, it is critical that thought leaders help us navigate.  Jarrett Ransom, the Nonprofit Nerd, is just such a person. This rare talent understands the challenges and opportunities of philanthropy. With a concise, thoughtful and observant approach to working with nonprofits, Jarrett inspires and encourages all who are able to work with her.  I find her humor, warmth and direct manner the right mix to help nonprofits get things done as they achieve their mission, vision, and values.“

-Julia Patrick, American Nonprofit Academy


  • Produces clarity and focus around getting the nonprofit out of crisis.

  • Creates action steps for areas for improvement.

  • Generates a funding model for future growth.

Strategic Retreats are perfect for setting direction and the pathway.

Through pre-retreat surveys, interactive discussions, presentations by program coordinators or beneficiaries, evaluation of current challenges and creation of goals, The ...
Strategic Retreat
6 hr

Now, what about moving through your new plan?

We see the best results with our clients who begin with a Strategic Retreat and continue meet quarterly to strengthen commitment, accelerate their growth, and stay on track.

Introducing our Annual Strategic Support

This annual plan is designed to keep you and your board accountable.

We find many organizations veer left when they need to remain focused.


This regular support helps you continue toward your goals while allowing for adjustment as needed.

Our clients have the best results when they begin with a strategic retreat and meet quarterly to strengthen commitment, accelerate their growth, and stay on track.
Annual Strategic Support
10 hr

“From the very beginning of our retreat, Jarrett was engaging and kept everyone in the room on track. Jarrett is very professional as a facilitator and has a great sense of humor. She created a two-day agenda that kept everyone focused and committed to achieving our goal. She did a tremendous job of keeping everyone on point. Jarrett created an atmosphere of camaraderie and instilled a team effort so that each who participates supported this plan. She is definitely very passionate about her profession.”

- Karen Barno, AZ ALFA

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